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Pro Twins is a specialist motorcycle company that provides an extensive array of products and pre/post sale services specifically tailored to meet the needs of all modern day Ducati owners, budding owners and motorcycle enthusiasts alike.

From our headquarters in Godstone our business is essentially divided into two business units. Our Upper floor is a dedicated showroom displaying all of Ducati’s current model range as well as an excellent selection of used examples. For the connoisseur and collector there is always the chance of finding something special and often of great providence.

Our Lower floor area is arguably the nerve centre of the business and a chance to witness our technicians working on yours or others machines. Our extensive workshops are home to a continually changing host of Ducati’s new and old, road bikes, race bikes all undergoing or awaiting to undergo servicing, repair, restoration or engine/chassis tuning.

Our watchword is versatility. With many years of collective experience we have an in-depth understanding of the Ducati brand and motorcycle engineering in general and the numerous application opportunities that it offers.

Whether we are carrying out simple service related work, building a race bike for the start of the coming season or carrying out sensitive restoration work, we tailor our resources and the materials that we use to meet your exact requirements, from the practical to the aesthetic, from the historical to the contemporary.

Remember that almost everything is possible!